Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am 11 years old. I started at this school in year 5. At the end of this year, I will begin to attend Abbey Grange Academy. In my spare time, I enjoy doing gymnastics as just one of the many sports i enjoy. Some assets I would like Birkdale house to posses are confidence,kindness and encouragement. Hopefully,this can become a reality.

Hi! My name is Zain and I am 11 years old. I am going to attendĀ  Rossett High school and I hope to do well. My passion is football and hope to lead Birkdale to victory: I am very competitive and hope to win all competitions. BIRKDALE IS THE BEST!!

Together, we hope to do you proud!

Friday 27th May

Well done to everybody who helped to raise money today by wearing pyjamas and buying pizza. A special thank you to Cezara who worked incredibly hard and had to cope with such a lot of stress. We are very lucky to have her leading our House. She’s probably still at school counting all the cash we collected!